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instant karma apparel

our journey

Instant Karma Apparel is now located at the Bronzville Collective on North Ave in Milwaukee! Over the years you may have seen them in select stores throughout Milwaukee such as Milwaukee Home, Dream Lab, and Exclusive Company. Instant Karma Apparel also can be seen with local sport leagues such as Volley life at Grant park and other fun leagues in Milwaukee!


The name Instant Karma Apparel comes from a John Lennon song "Instant Karma." Founder Jose Robinson wanted to take the line "Instant Karma is going to get ya," and turn it into something positive. Karma doesn't necessarily mean something negative will happen, instead, Jose wanted to show his community that if you do something kind, positive karma will instantly come back to you.

Instant Karma is currently being sold in Milwaukee, Chicago and cities in New York, but they are now trying to reach the west coast and the south. 

The Instant Karma team is trying to show his people in the city of Milwaukee that they can be more than what people tell them. Everyone on this team is from Milwaukee and they want to express their love for the city through their clothes!

Helping the youth is also something Instant Karma is interested in. We have to help each other evolve and also the community we live in. The best way Instant Karma see's to accomplish this is to focus on the youth of Milwaukee. A lot of kids from the city do not even know of the different possibilities related to clothing that they could do. Also each member of the Instant Karma team has a different background from Engineering, Architecture, photography, and even dance and music. Their hope is to inspire specifically young black kids that these opportunities exist and that they can be whatever they set their mind to. If we want things to change, especially in Milwaukee, we have to lead by example!

Instant Karma knows not everyone loves the city like they do, but they want people who leave to never forget where they come from.

"If you do leave Milwaukee, take us with you in spirit and voice." - Jose Robinson

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